ICTs and Education. The time has come!

Integration of communication and technologies (ICTs) in everyday life is changing our social habits at workplace, on business, at leisure, in relationships…. But, what about education?

The evolution of Internet, the devices and social habits are modifying the way we transmit and acquire knowledge. It has never been easier to access to creation of new or reissued information, culture or knowledge. Nowadays, any student has access to the latest NASA discovery at same time as his teacher.

But not every published content is right or rigorous, not every publication is adapted to the channel or the public theoretically head up to. As a society, we must learn to manage the editorial freedom which provides us not only with cultural richness, but also with noise, trash and confusion.

Teachers face a new reality in which they are no longer the only owners and transmitters of knowledge, they are now competing for this function with a great number of editors and channels. Our big challenge is to educate in the knowledge management. It is so important to think, analyze, compare, criticize, contribute and share.

On the other hand, content creators must learn to work in this editorial freedom, in which the concept of quality takes a new dimension. Not only content rigor is important, also factors so far considered secondary are becoming important: How do you take advantage of the channels where content lives? How do you manage the content depending on the channel and the user? How do you adapt to the communication code that handles the receiving end? How is it transmitted and shared? How is it organized and combined with other content and other channels?

Exploit the advantages offered by technology in education is a challenge for society. we live in a unique historical juncture, compared by some to have lived after the advent of printing or Industrial Revolution.

But do not forget that technology is not at end itself. It is only the tool that allows us to face in a different way new an old objectives in education. It is the tool that has transformed many aspects of our society and that can become the engine of change in an education system full of gaps. ICTs give us that chance and give it to us now, at this point where the social and technological developments converge in a field, education, more and more ripe for change. Is this the moment? can we take advantage of it?

Each one must do our own pondering. In Elesapiens, from our position as contents creators, we think it is a time for creativity and imagination on products and services that adapt to this reality and to a society in which digital natives are already incorporated into the educational process.

Digital entertainment dominates the world of our youth. Cartoons, films and games are generating emotions and the “hook” for young people, We encourage and promote the pregnancy of their experience. The combination of technologies, channels and experience in areas such as entertainment, open up new horizons in the world of education.

It is time for creativity and change. It is time for initiative to help evolve our model of education and contribute to create a capable society, with sound judgment and fair.

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