• Visual and educational quality

    Stimulating and curriculum aligned classes.

  • Educational skills

    Promotes XXI Century Skills and Education in Values.

  • Bilingual product

    Our contents are suited for an English-Spanish bilingual education.

Elesapiens is used in schools and educational platforms throughout the world:

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  • Edmodo USA y Worldwide
  • Learning USA
  • Nuvem de Livros Brasil
  • Tiching España y Latinoamérica
  • Cliken1 Colombia

What users say about us

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Really like your site. I´m conducting...”
T: Garza. Co-founder of EL Saber Enterprises, Inc.
“Congratulations on your contents.
The presentation is suitable, attractive...”
G. Bernal, CEO of Ciencia Divertida and Planeta Explora.