12 webs in Spanish for playing and learning

Kids love technology: they are fascinated by consoles, computers, tablets and smartphones, they are our “digital natives”.

We can channel their technological enthusiasm and fun in a way that complements their learning.

For our children to learn and play for their pleasure and ours, I suggest a selection of safe sites for children in Primary, for those rainy afternoons when we would like to do something similar to homework but funnier. Since many of these sites have been developed in Flash, and are not accessible from some mobile devices, you should better access them from a computer. Enjoy!



Poisson Rouge

Poisson Rouge  is a jewel in the sea of ​​crappy Internet resources. It is an interactive flash world carefully designed by graphic artists, musicians and teachers, 100% visual and intuitive for children to discover and interact on their own. No words, no instructions, and no need of an adult. Colors, shapes, math, memory, music… It has everything. It is suitable for children of all ages, even for the youngest ones.



Encyclopedia Interactica

From the creators of Poisson Rouge, Enciclopedia Interactica  is a delicious visual encyclopedia completely interactive children without a word or text. Designed for children to discover concepts like the solar system, the steam or solar power in a magical and visual way. Impressive.




Application in Flash created for the small ones to become familiar with computers and reinforce their learning about colors, shapes, numbers and letters in a simple interactive manner. The graphics are cool and carefully made.


Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids

Hispanic  Portal TV channel Discovery Kids: numerous flash games and videos for children. From the playful ones to just those that stimulate language and mathematics learning, it is a small universe populated by many cartoon characters that everyone knows. And Design is far above the average. Of course, there are games on other websites like  Clan TV, Disney, and Nickelodeon,  but their approach is more playful.


Iniciación a la Lectoescritura

Iniciación a la Lectoescritura (Introduction to Literacy)

Interactive Flash product very complete and amusing for children. It contains various games and activities intended to develop memory, logic, math and language. The design and graphics are somewhat rudimentary, but navigating through the menu and activities is very intuitive and fulfills its function of keeping children entertained and learning.


En Pocas Palabras

En pocas Palabras – Internet en el aula (In short – Internet in the classroom)

En pocas palabras”  is an application programmed with Flash which intends to enhance the learning of the language through games and activities. It is a very playful homework, I would have loved to have had it as a student.




Flash games portal focused on educational games and cards, selectable by education and a special section for children to learn typing in a fun way.




Web containing 8 cool educational games designed to practice math, spelling and environment knowledge. They have a plot and a great fun level of challenge for the kids like it. Unfortunately the page seems to be in a dead end since its contents have not been updated for a long time.


Cueva del Tragapalabras

La Cueva de Tragapalabras

Another Flash interactive game to promote literacy through interactivity and play. The start of the game, though, is counterintuitive: after filling out the information about the “player”, a pair of scissors need to be clicked on, to start the game. It took me a while to start with, to find where the scissors were…


El Reloj

El Reloj (The Clock)

Flash application for children to learn to cope with the hours and time in an enjoyable and funny way.



Primartis: Educación Artística para Educación Primaria ( Art Education for Elementary Education)

Flash application designed to work with music and visual arts intended for the three primary cycles. A magician accompanies children while they learn to draw and practice artistic aspects such as lines, colors, shapes, collages, pointillism, etc.




Rather than a game this is a literacy application. The graphics are pretty basic, but it’s a very interactive formula to reinforce the learning of letters and sounds.

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