The Benefits of Using Educational Videos in the Classroom

The use of videos and audiovisual materials in the classroom enhances the creativity and attention of students and leads to direct results in learning. When it comes to getting students involved and participating in class activities, videos will undoubtedly be a perfect tool.

Nowadays, both adolescents and children are used to seeing dozens of videos daily; it is their basic channel of communication and they are already in the habit of using videos as sources of information.

What other advantages does the use of videos in class have?

  • Change up the typical rhythm of the classroom and innovate new daily routines.
  • Help the students to learn, thanks to the visual nature of videos, to understand non-verbal elements, which are fundamental in communication. With videos, the children will learn from the body language and gestures of the speakers and develop skills such as empathy.
  • Familiarize the students with other languages and facilitate their learning.

We share these example videos teaching scientific concepts to convey the importance of impacting and entertaining students so that they are involved with the information they are receiving.


Below, we link several of our videos so that you can use them in your classroom from now on.

Living Beings  

An animated video that explains the common characteristics of all living beings, in addition to their classification in groups according to their nutrition and cellular composition. It also includes the structures of organisms with respect to cells, tissues, and systems.

Systems of the Human Body

A video that allows us to become more familiar with the human body. It explains what an organ system is and shows us how each system is responsible for performing a function while interacting with other systems to keep us alive.

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

This explains the vertebrate and invertebrate animal classification, encouraging students to dig deep into the fascinating animal kingdom.


An animated video explaining in an easy and fun way the concepts of electricity, electric charges, current, and their manifestations. The contents of the video are transversely related to concepts of other units and to activities and materials that help deepen the understanding of key concepts.

Robots and Technology

Video animation that introduces robotics and robots to students in a visual and simple way in order to facilitate understanding. New terms such as robotics, programming, robots, and perception are explained in an easy to understand language. This video invites students to reason and reflect about the breakthroughs involving robots and the benefits we can get from them.

Looking for videos about other topics? See the whole list at!

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