The Spirit of The Beatles, 50 years later

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles, a legendary band that not only changed the musical landscape. The four of Liverpool, or the Fab Four as they were called, became through their music, their message and their transgressive aesthetic the visible image of a social revolution which motivated an entire generation.

In a society depressed, tired and shocked, still under the effects of World War II, the musical culture was the key driver for a change that began in the early 60’s and developed well into the 70’s.

Today, immersed as we are in a deep economic crisis, with a society disoriented in many ways, Elesapiens wants to use the 50th anniversary of The Beatles to claim the transgressive and revolutionary spirit of those years, and take this celebration as a starting point to reflect on what the engine of the change we need will be. Will it be again culture through music? Or technology? Has the revolution that in a few years will be obvious and written in the history books already started?

We think so, something is happening and we work every day with a forward-looking approach that may seem utopian, but surely worth working on.

Happy Anniversary of The Beatles, happy anniversary of the spirit of the 60’s.

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