The Finland Phenomenon

There is a country where children start school at a later age, take fewer class hours and enjoy more holidays. A country where students have barely any homework and are rarely tested. There is a country where teachers are respected professionals and seldom questioned. A country where they have strong unions and have no difficulty in finding a decently paid job.

There is a country where schools are autonomous in developing their own curricula. Where the use and development of technology is a reality and the achievement gap or school failure is almost nonexistent.

A country that is number one in almost every system of school assessment results. Welcome to Finland, the country with the world’s most surprising school system.

This way begins this essential film in which Dr. Tony Wagner, a member of the Program of Educational Innovation at Harvard, guides us for 60 minutes to find out the Finnish education system keys, its characteristics, peculiarities and the secrets of its success. In Finland education does matter. The educational structure prevents discrimination offering the same system to all students regardless of their background, economic status or cultural context. The goal: to make every Finnish citizen worthy. It’s that simple and that powerful.

Enjoy this movie in English with Spanish subtitles and discover the keys of the education system considered the most effective in the world.

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