Taking off along with digital education in Brazil

Today we started the day with great news: “Conserving Water” from Elesapiens ranked first in the Top 10 hits of “Nuvem de Livros” in Brazil. We also succeeded in placing another title, “Water and Biodiversity” at No. 7 on this list.

Nuvem de Livros

is an online library with more than 6000 titles in stock and has already reached 4 million users with in its education services. This platform serves contents over the Internet and has a specific application for mobile devices, clearly betting on a channel and type of devices that will be part of a new educational model. Becoming a Nuvem member is easy and affordable with prices starting at U.S. $1.99  a week.

Elesapiens is amongst the few creators of  interactive content that has presence in “Nuvem” in several languages​​: Portuguese, Spanish and English. This certainly adds an extra value for Brazilian educators working in bilingual or foreign centers.

Education in Brazil is moving and Elesapiens wants to move with it. Congratulations Nuvem!

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