The 10 answers from students I have laughed most at

In my long career as teacher I have had moments which have filled me with pride and others… with laughter. Let me quote you the 10 responses from students which I have laughed the most about during the tedious job of correcting exams. I must confess that I have spent some really amusing moments ….to say the least.

Leaving aside serious issues -like the low level of general knowledge shown by the pupils- I hope you find these answers as hilarious as I did.

1. Which river flows through Egypt? The river Pyramids. (1st, 12 years old).

2. Indicate the main climatic types of the world. There are many, but the most important ones are mild climates, warm climates and chilly ones. (1st, 12 years old).

3. Who were the barbarians? They were real brutes coming from the North, but from the very very North (2nd, 13 years old).

4. Who were the architects of the Parthenon? Ictinos y Clitorix. (2nd year, 18 years old).

5. Identify and discuss the following image: “The Pieta of Michelangelo”. This image shows a man holding another in his arms. (2nd year, 18 years old).

6. Write about the following topic: “The Egyptian sculpture.” The Egyptians believed in an afterlife, but far beyond the beyond. (2nd year, 18 years old).

7. Identify the main characteristics of Gothic art. The most important one is that the principal arch was a pointed arch or also called a beak-shaped arch. (2nd, 13 years old).

8. Complete the following sentence: Major Italian Cinquecento painters were: Leonardo da Vinci, “Matias Prat” (radio commentator) and Rafael. (2nd , 13 years old).

9. Please write down First World War phases. 1st) Hectic War, 2nd) Postures War. (4th, 16 yrs old).

10. Who was Bismarck? Explain. He was a very bad man, hard as iron, almost without feelings. (Bachelor 1, 17 years old).

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