9 quotes and a joke to start the course with inspiration

A few days ago we attended a conference in Madrid called “Thanks Teachers” organized by the Atresmedia Foundation in the frame of their 2013 education program. There we picked 10 motivational phrases to reflect at the very beginning of this new school year.

“Learning is living and you only live if you keep learning.”

José María Gasalla .

“We must not educate kids to be The Best ones, but to be better ones.”

Javier Urra .

“‘It takes a village to raise a child’. It takes a good village to raise a child well.”

African Proverb extension of José Antonio Marina .

“Bring love and laughter to your classroom, because a day without laughter and without love is a wasted day.”

Fernando Botella.

“The teachers are and have been throughout history amplifiers of people´s intellectual capacity.”

Mónica Deza

“The most productive investment for a country is Elementary Education.”

José Antonio Marina in reference to the appointment of Nobel laureate economist James Heckman

“We must educate children in the commitment to collective ideals.”

Javier Urra

“A teacher teaches lessons and also takes them, apprentice mind and spirit of self-improvement.”

Fernando Botella

“[As a teacher] the only way to learn is through humility, flexibility and collaboration.”

José María Gasalla

And finally, a bit of humor:

“If you care about people you can be a teacher and if not… a Politician.”



José María Gasalla: Ph.D. in Economics and Business. Aeronautical Engineer, PhD in Social Psychology. Lecturer and teacher at Deusto Business School.

Javier Urra: Forensic psychologist at the High Court. He has been Ombudsman for Children of the Community of Madrid. Professor of Professional Ethics at the University Complutense of Madrid. He has represented Spain at the United Nations and the European Parliament .

José Antonio Marina: Philosopher, writer and Spanish teacher. While pursuing studies in philosophy at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, founded three journals (Aquinas, Journal of Art and Thought, accent ) and directed several theater groups. Professor of philosophy at the Madrid high school La Cabrera and Honoris Causa Doctor from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Fernando Botella: Strategic Consultant in training and development, speaker and writer. CEO of Think & Action. Professor at various universities and business schools.

Mónica Deza: VP Innovation at McCann Worldgroup Iberian Division. Funding Partner & President of AINACE (Latinamerican Association of Neuroscience Communication and Economy). Writer and one of the most internationally recognized Spanish executives in advertising, communication, marketing and in business environments related to innovation.

Alejandro Lopez Garcia, best known for ‘Jandro’: Magician, comedian, actor, TV showman and “feet pianist”. TV screenwriter and writer.

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