Committed with the ‘Year of Education’

Atresmedida Foundation and Elesapiens have signed an agreement within the Hospital Assistance Program, as part of the Year of Education.

“We believe that a good education is the means to ensure a better society in the future.”

This is the guiding principle that has moved Atresmedia Foundation to launch the “Year of Education”, a project that bring together during the year 2013 several programs and a number of activities.

Actions such as “Thank you Professor” -a meeting for teachers with the goal to inspire, encourage and recognize their work-  “Te Toca Junior” or the Hospital Assistance Program are some of the initiatives that are taking place in this “Year of Education”.

And in the Hospital Assistance Program Elesapiens wanted to participate in an active way .

Through this program, the Atresmedia Foundation conducts different initiatives aimed to make more pleasant the stay of hospitalized children. Initiatives like the FAN3 Television Channel, that combines entertainment contents with educational pieces that promote healthy habits and additionally do help children understand and become familiar with the process they are going through, in a friendly and pleasant way. And this fits perfectly with the philosophy of Elesapiens Learning & Fun.

Thus, following the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Foundation Atresmedia, FAN3 broadcast from this September an animated series consisting of 10 chapters created by Elesapiens .

Characters like Glub, Darwin or Ben the benzene molecule, get hospitalized children closer to the secrets of Chemistry, Biology or environmental knowledge in a rigorous and funny way, encouraging children to keep investigating and disseminating scientific principles, along with the values of solidarity, multiculturalism and environmental concern.

In this series you will find “Darwin’s Theories“, an animated video produced by Elesapiens and awarded the 2nd prize in the past NESCent Evolution Film Festival (USA) .

Children admitted to over 115 hospitals throughout Spain will soon enjoy the Elesapiens educational films through FAN3 TV channel, thanks to the “Year of Education” Atresmedia Foundation.

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