6 Infographics on the Environment of Planet Earth

A great way to increase awareness of the weather changes and environmental issues experienced by our planet is to educate and teach children concepts such as global warming, the greenhouse effect, and water distribution. Teaching children about the elements and processes going on in ecosystems is critical in raising public awareness of environmental problems and a viable way to start a tangible change in caring for the Earth. As a result, we have created a selection of eye-catching visual resources that teach children basic scientific concepts related to our planet’s environmental issues.

The Greenhouse Effect

A visual guide to help understand this natural phenomenon and the problems related to it. What happens to solar radiation? How does the atmosphere react to it?

Weather and Climate Representation

Evidence of climate change is felt in the variations of weather and the increase of temperatures. Study the infographics below to see how the weather is portrayed on maps and discover the secrets of meteorology and climograph interpretation.

Global Warming

This infographic summarizes the process of global warming: its causes and consequences.

Water in Nature

Water is one of the fundamental elements of these processes. Knowing how the water cycle works and the importance of this resource for humans, animals, and plants is critical.


Knowing what heat is, how it behaves, how it affects different materials and substances, and knowing how it differs from temperature is crucial in developing a deeper knowledge about its effects on climate change.

Forms of Energy

One of the big problems today is the unfortunate abuse of energy consumption by humans. This poster helps teach children how to save energy and how to use it thoughtfully in our daily routines.

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