10 educational Christmas gift ideas to suit every pocket

Holidays are around the corner and it’s time to think about presents. Educational and creative gifts are of course preferred to violent, stereotyped or unsafe onesSee below a selection of educational Christmas gift ideas to suit every pocket.

1.- Card games to work on emotions

Games that focus on strengthening emotional intelligence can be a source of fun too. The Emötiö deck helps children express their feelings, become more in tune with their emotions and increase their self-esteem. In addition, all the cards in this game are captioned in 3 languages- even more ways for children to communicate!

2.- Magic games and handicrafts

Walmart offers magic sets and handicrafts suitable for those who like a good challenge. These items are designed to test your cognition, patience and coordination. Try your best tricks and amaze your friends!


3.- Science digital games, videos and activities

Science is fascinating. Elesapiens Science and Fun provides multiple videos, games and activities that allow children to enjoy learning about Physics and Chemistry, Life Science, Technology or the Earht and the Universe. Elesapiens’ Teacher Plan is the best option for families. Click here to subscribe.

4.- Memory games

Principia’s memory game puts children up to the task of matching a series of scientists with their discoveries. Important! This game contains an equal number of male and female scientists, each of them revered in their respective field of research.

5.- Robotics

Robots are the future of toys. Learning to build them and how they work is an engaging activity for children. Also, this develops concentration and logical thinking skills. You can find these solar eco-robots on Amazon.

6.- Musical instruments

A good number of reports confirm that playing an instrument can improve concentration, spatial intelligence, as well as memory and language related skills. As children learn to play, their self-esteem increases while also enjoying music.

7.- Building games

As LEGO continues releasing new games, it is also more creative in the types of benefits their products can provide. Playing with these pieces improves spatial, reasoning and concentration skills.

8.-  Toys and figures

All children enjoy playing with toys and pretending to be grown-ups. There is a wide range of brands and items to support these make-believe games. It is important not to promote stereotyped gender roles when giving a Christmas present and actively take the opportunity to educate based on gender equality.

9.- Costumes

Toys R Us always displays a great range of fun options. In this season, we fell in love with their costume selection. Animals, professions, fantasy characters… Pretending to be someone else is an excellent exercise for cildren to explore their imagination.

10.- Experiences and excursions

Children always value when you dedicate your time to them. Surprise your children with a visit to a Science museum (don’t miss our selection of the most amazing ones), to the cinema, or with an excursion to the mountains.  You can create a “coupon for…” and include it in an envelope or package so they can find their present under the Christmas tree.

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